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WSL – what’s in it for me?

WSL stands for Windows Subsystem for Linux it is a cool new feature on modern versions of Windows. It looks promising but is it really that well organized and implemented? The idea behind WSL is not clear. Is this feature created for Linux fans who got used to use Bash, grep, awk, etc? Is this feature for Windows users for whom the PowerShell is not enough or simply using Linux tools is only way to communicate with legacy systems? There are more use cases, for ex. development or testing cross platform scripts or even executables. How this compares to grown up virtualization like HyperV or VMware. Is Docker not feasible and we really need to have another kernel level emulation?

  • WSL architecture
  • How can it be used to improve productivity?
  • Limitations of the WSL implementation
  • What threats are being transferred from Linux world to Windows?
  • What threats are being transferred from Windows to Linux?
  • WSL integration with Windows – file systems, networking, processes
  • Empower your developers with Windows Subsystem for Linux

Target audience: System Administrators from Linux and Windows worlds, Security researchers, Developers, IT Architects